Once the clock hits midnight we have our New Year’s resolutions to kick off the start of a fresh year. What about being more organized for 2020? Mini storage’s are a great way to be more organized.

How many of you are looking around thinking it is time to be clutter free? If you are not ready to depart with some of the items, Lucky Horseshoe Storage is here to help. We can help you declutter the garage, home, and office, while giving you a sound mind in 2020.

Home Space Declutter

We can offer to you unit starting at a 5*5 the size of your walk-in closet all the way to a 10*30 a garage away from home. One thing that we are extremely excited about is to be able to offer to our customers a safe haven for your cars. We know it is great to have the collector vehicle for the drive that brings a smile to your face. But it is equally important to give that beauty a safe place to park out of the weather. Decluttering your home is just as important. We know that styles are forever changing and that sometimes we need to downsize. Self-storage is a great way to store personal belongings that are not quite fitting in with the look you desire. We want to help you have your cake and eat it too!

Business Space

I know we normally think of Self Storage as a spot for home goods but storage also declutters business space by storing office goods that are collecting dust. This could include printers, computers, papers, furniture, extra office supplies and more.

For tax reasons, you will need to keep specific paperwork for years. Don’t let that paperwork take over your office. A self-storage unit can help storage older files that you do not need unless absolutely necessary.

Seasonal Items

Now that it is time to take down our twinkle lights and return Santa and Frosty back to their safe places. You look in your garage and now wonder where you are going to park your car. Bring your Christmas decor over to us and give yourself that satisfaction of getting your garage back.


How many of you walk into your home, see piles of clutter on the countertop and bedroom shelves overflowing with personal items? It makes your blood boil but you are just not ready to get rid of those items yet. How wonderful would it be to walk into a decluttered home where you can enjoy the space?

Lucky Horse Shoe Storage is here to lend you support in this declutter venture. Self-storage is and easy way to make your dream of a clean organized home a reality. We know that living in a cluttered house can be stressful and we want to help. Bring us the item you are saving for a DIY project. Or the furniture you have had passed down to you and are saving or wanting to refinish. Lucky Horse Shoe Storage in Bend, Oregon is here to help make your living space yours again. Let’s all go into the New Year with ease of mind and living in a non-stressful environment.