When you shop for a storage unit, you must decide not only what size you need but also how you can keep the storage space the most organized. Here are seven tips that the team at Lucky Horseshoe Storage found to be extremely helpful.


Plastic containers can be great to store your precious items. For one, they are sturdy so items are less likely to break, therefore safe to stack. You will get the more out storage space of the unit you are renting. Lastly, plastic containers will protect the good you place inside them because of their fitted lids.


When we are packing or moving items into storage, clearly labeling the boxes or containers is rarely a priority. It should be!

But, Why?

When you go to your storage facility the worst thing is to not know where anything is. You can spend hours rummaging through your belongings. Additionally, if you send someone to fetch an item from your unit, it is much easier to be able to identify the item from a label on the box, rather than you providing a description. Not only is this frustrating for you but extremely frustrating for the loved one who went to retrieve the item.

Dismantle Furniture

Dismantling furniture can be time consuming and tricky. However, if you have the patience, you can save a ton of room in your storage unit. When you dismantle furniture be sure to tape the screws and bolts to the item so they are not lost.


Before you pack your items into storage, consider what personal belongings you do not need. What items have you not touched in three years? Purging will allow you to free up room in your unit for items that you actually use.

Heavy Items

The placement of your items is essential when optimizing your storage unit. Large, heavy items should be at the bottom of your unit. Doing so, provides more stacking surfaces and prevents delicate items from being destroyed. At Lucky Horseshoe Storage, we would feel terrible to hear that one of your personal belongings was crushed because of item placement in the storage unit.

The team at Lucky Horseshoe Storage in Central Oregon hopes that you found some of the information above helpful. If you have more storage question, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are here to help. We hope to give your best storage solutions possible. We offer RV parking, car storage, and storage units for personal belongings in Redmond and Bend, Oregon.