Everyone has hobbies. There’s no denying it. They range in nature from outdoor pursuits, to the arts, to reading, cooking, travelling and just about everything in between.

Whatever your hobbies might be, they’re going to require some special equipment and gear. Depending on your hobbies, the amount of stuff needed might be a little or a lot. Regardless, you’re going to need space to store everything.

If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of storage space in your home or on your property, you might not be as worried. However, if you’re like most people, finding space to store everything you need for your hobbies can pose a real challenge.

If the latter sounds like you, a self-storage unit might be just what you’re looking for. Keep reading as we list the hobbies that can most benefit from self-storage below.

Anything Outdoors

Whether it’s hunting and fishing, mountain biking, camping, or kayaking, most all outdoor hobbies require a lot of specialized equipment. You probably started out storing all your gear in your garage. Like anything else though, you’ve likely acquired more and more stuff over the years.

When you run out of room at home, a self-storage unit is the perfect place to keep all your things organized. Not only are self-storage units great for keeping things together, they keep them safe from things like big temperature swings and pesky rodents that can wreak havoc otherwise.

Photography and Videography

Maybe you dabble in still print photography. Perhaps you like working on film or enjoy experimenting with videography. Whatever the case may be, chances are you have a lot of equipment including cameras, lenses, tripods, and hard drives that cost a lot of money.

You could store these things at home but, it might not be the safest option. You never know when a roommate or one of your children might cause some accidental damage.

That’s why storage units make so much sense for photographers and videographers alike. They provide a safe space to keep all your gear protected and, having everything in one spot makes finding the right equipment for the right job a piece of cake.

Arts and Crafts

You’re good with your hands. There’s nothing you love more than letting your creative side show and making art. Whether you’re the next Picasso or just enjoy drawing or pottery, you need a lot of supplies to carry out your task.

Trying to keep all of your crafty gear in order at home is an arduous task at best. Not only is it easy for disorganization to take hold, chances are you’re going to run out of room eventually.

Self-storage can alleviate all those problems. Not only do storage units afford you the space you need to store all of your supplies, they make for great workspaces too. What could be better having all your stuff in one space and being able to work within an arm’s length too?


It’s tough to beat bringing life back to things from years gone by. Maybe it’s old clocks, furniture, vintage clothing, or engines. Chances are, you’re going to need quite the diverse set of tools so that you’re ready to tackle any kind of project.

Storage units are the perfect place to keep all these items organized and safe. Even more, storage units can make great workspaces where everything you need is at your fingertips and interruptions are few and far between.

Boats and Cars and Motorcycles

Boats, cars, and motorcycles are passion for all kinds of different people. Keeping these precious vehicles safe and protected from the elements and other dangers is essential.

Self-storage units are the perfect place to do just that. Climate-controlled units are even better.

When you store your classic cars, boats, or motorcycles in a storage unit, you can rest easy knowing they’ll remain safe and secure until it’s time to take them out once again.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has hobbies. They’re part of who you are and bring joy to your life. Regardless of what your hobbies might be, they all require specialized tools and equipment to be carried out successfully.

For many people, the problem becomes trying to figure just where to store everything. Eventually, garages and spare rooms can only handle so much stuff.

That’s where storage units come in so handy. Not only do they provide the space needed to keep everything safe and organized in a single space, they make great places to work as well.

If you have questions about how storage units can be of benefit to your hobbies, give us a call at Lucky Horseshoe Storage in Bend and Redmond, Oregon today!