Choosing the right lock for your mini storage unit is just another important step to keep your valuable item safe and secure. Most storage faculties require and understand the importance it is that their customer have their unit locked, and most storage facilities sell locks. But what lock is best for you and your storage needs

First, we need to better understand what different kind of lock that are available at most stores. There are three common locks for storage units closed-shackle padlocks, disc locks, cylinder locks.

Closed-Shackle Padlocks

These look like your standard padlock, with one notable exception. The shackle (the U-shaped bar at the top of the lock) is particularly short and thick, and it’s protected by an outside casing. This makes it difficult for bolt-cutters to reach. If a padlock is your general preference, be sure to choose a closed-shackle model.

Disc Locks

Disc locks are the most popular self-storage locks, as they are resiliently strike-proof, drill-proof and pick-proof. They have a thickly built shackle that fits tightly around your storage unit door latch, making it difficult for anyone to jam bolt-cutters into the lock. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, disc locks feature a lock mechanism that includes anti-pick pins. Breaking these locks takes full-on electrical equipment, and a whole lot of time and effort.

Despite disc locks being the most popular and the industry standard. Not all mini storage door latches will accommodate these locks. But Lucky Horseshoe door latches can accommodate most disc locks.

Cylinder Locks

Lucky Horseshoe Storage facilities door latches accommodate most cylinder locks. These are the most secure locks available because they are housed internally within the storage unit, similar to front door locks in your house or apartment. These cannot be cut, as the locks dose not stick out of the unit door. Like disc locks, they are also strike-proof, drill-proof and pick-proof.

Choosing the Right Lock

Lucky Horseshoe Storage believes that locks are an important tool to keep your items safe and secure. Contact us for more information on choosing the right lock. We strive to keeping your items secure in our storage units in Bend, Oregon.