If you live in Central Oregon, it’s probably by choice, not because someone is forcing you to. And who can blame you? Four beautiful seasons, too many outdoor activities to count, and more community events than you can shake a stick at make this place hard to beat.

There’s a large segment of the population that works from home or has the freedom to work from where they want. In fact, Bend has more remote workers per capita than any other city in the world. If this sounds like you, you might be a Digital Nomad.

Even though being a Digital Nomad sounds glamorous, it’s not like you’re on vacation 24/7, traversing the world wherever the wind blows. To that end, you have a home base and therefore belongings. To take it a step further, you need a place to store your personal items and maybe even some work equipment when you’re gone.

The question becomes, what’s the safest, most convenient way to store these things? At a friend’s house? Probably not the best option and a little inconvenient for both parties. At the Airbnb you rent out in the summer? Definitely not recommended. The most convenient and safest option is a self-storage unit. If you’re not a believer, check out the advantages of self-storage for Digital Nomads below.

Traversing the Country

Since you have the ability to work when and where you want, you make it a point to never stay in the same place for too long. Maybe that means visiting long lost friends from college for a week here, and that aunt and uncle you haven’t seen in years for a few days there. As you travel, there’s no doubt that you’re going to accumulate stuff. By the time you arrive back home, that van that felt so cozy when you left, is going to be claustrophobic. Sure, some of the stuff you’ll likely regift or throw away. But there are bound to be a few items you’ll want to hang on to.

That’s where a self-storage unit comes in handy. For a nominal price, you can keep the items you cherish most in a single, secure space. No having to wonder where you left that shirt you picked in Nashville, or that cool barstool you found in Santa Monica.

Jet Setting Abroad

Whether you work from your laptop, or a large company that needs you to travel internationally on a regular basis, you’re not stateside all that often. Maybe you have even the freedom to settle down in an exotic locale for a few months and immerse yourself in the local culture while you work. The last thing you want to worry about is where your stuff is and if it’s safe or not while you’re gone.

Again, those worries are alleviated by a self-storage unit. Thanks to technology, you can pay your monthly bill from anywhere in the world. Additionally, in the event you need something from your unit while you’re away, it’s easy to set up an emergency contact. With your permission, this person can get into your unit for whatever you need and send it to you. Talk about no hassle!

A Space for Inventory While You’re Gone

Maybe your remote business deals in goods that need to be stored and shipped to customers while you’re away. You don’t want to pay for a large warehouse to store a few small items, so what’s the next best option? A storage unit. More and more remote workers are using self-storage units as places to house their inventory while they’re out of town. The safety and security a self-storage unit provides is certainly a better option than someone’s garage or workshop. You can authorize whoever you want to receive and send merchandise out of the storage unit.

Without question, self-storage units are the perfect option for merchandise because of the low overhead, security, and ease with which they can be accessed.

Final Thoughts

The Digital Nomad lifestyle is becoming more and more popular every day. The freedom to come and go as you please, work when and where you want, and see parts of the world you could have never imagined is hard to argue with.

The challenge of where to keep your personal effects when you’re on the road is a real challenge, however. If you keep your cherished belongings with a friend or relative, there’s no guarantee they’ll be there when you return. That’s why self-storage units make so much sense for people on the road. Low rent and security alleviate all the stress.

If you’re like so many people in Central Oregon that live here and travel regularly, Lucky Horseshoe Storage has a safe space to keep your extra stuff while you’re gone.